In the western world, most of our products are made overseas. We don’t see the production and often assume machines are making our products. In reality, there are real people behind products. These people are mothers, providers, and dreamers. Behind every product is a person and every person has a story.


We at Market Colors believe in the person behind the product. Five years ago, we were founded after our hearts were awakened to the poverty that exists for so many around the world. We wanted to give the women in these communities a market for their products and a voice and vision for their future. We’ve seen their stories be transformed, reflecting more than the limitations of their circumstances. Through working together, even more life stories will become full of artistry, purpose, and independence.


Since 2011, our marketplace presence has been direct to the consumer. We’re constantly re-evaluating what we could be doing better in order to meet our goals with our partners in Africa and India. One partnership in particular opened our eyes to a whole new level of impact. A company placed a large merchandise order, and we took on our biggest order to date. What happened as a result was astonishing. We were able to provide our artisans with steady and long-lasting income for the first time in their lives. The scale of the order opened our eyes to the potential impact we could have if we transitioned from producing consumer retail to corporate merchandise. Since then, we’ve filled several other equally large orders and the outcome has been incredible.


Anything that a company gives away or sells in an effort to promote their brand or reward employees and consumers. This includes everything from lanyards, bags, luggage tags or custom designed products. We exist to provide companies with ethically produced options. By purchasing corporate merchandise through Market Colors, companies can benefit in three ways. First, the products they source will be high quality, unique, and customized to their needs. Second, their purchase will have a lasting impact on the life stories of artisans around the globe. Lastly, we love that Market Colors merchandise helps companies be the hero in the eyes of their employees and consumers.



There are 1.3 billion people living in extreme poverty. Amongst this 1.3 billion there is slavery, sex trafficking, and business corruption, and many other ways that people make ends meet. At Market Colors, we don’t claim that we will end poverty. However, we can rewrite many stories of artistry, purpose, and independence. We invite you and your company to be a part of rewriting these stories with us.